• Ok, hopefully someone can help me here. I was running 1.2 Rel 4, then switched to the latest 1.2 Stable release. Then i wanted to compile and use fprobe so i went to the latest developers which looks like 1.2-BETA-1-TESTING-SNAPSHOT-05-02-07, fprobe compiled OK and works but other things such as the traffic graph is broken.

    What version SHOULD i be using? I need additional functions like gcc and the like to compile some 3rd party applications but dont know what version to use.


  • On your firewall, 1.2 Release.  On the host that you use to build packages, anything you want ;)

    I'd suggest you use something like VMWare if you don't have spare hardware to run your development host on.

  • Thanks for the reply Havok, but maybe i wasnt clear regarding my intentions. I want to compile fprobe on my firewall. What is the best build to use for this? It seems that gcc isnt installed on the non-dev builds.


  • I'm suggesting you take a different approach.  Rather than doing development on your firewall (which is a Bad Thing from a security perspective), do your development elsewhere, create a package and then install that package on the firewall.

    Questions regarding development builds are probably best taken to Development forum.

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