WAN loses connectivity

  • I have same issue. My NAT is on automatic - so NAT hasn't to do with this. But short description of my config and issue:

    0. Hardware/Software: virtual environment on KVM (Proxmox) installed pfsense 2.2.4
    1. two Gateways with static IP address (first: fiber [20/20 Mbit], second: cable modem [80/7 Mbit])
    2. weight between fiber / cable 1:4
    3. Use sticky connection = on (System - advanced - Miscelaneus)
    4. Monitoring to external DNS servers each
    5. Routing Group "MGW_inet_balanced" with Tier 1 on both gateways.
    6. FW rule with Gateway = "MGW_inet_balanced"

    After starting pfsense it works fine. The traffic is distributed to both gateways. After some minutes / hours the second gateway goes offline with 100% package loss. It's not apinger problem. The gateway looses really all packages. If I try to ping from "Diagnostics - ping" with "source" = second gateway there no package transfer also.

    Further I have a backup pfsense with CARP running in parallel on a APU board from PC-engines. Also there without any data load the second interface goes offline. Also there no ping through offline Gateway possible.

    If I set the routing group redundant without load balancing (first GW = Tier 1, second GW 0 Tier 2) then it works fine without package loss.

    Until now I haven't found a solution. Does somebody know if there is a bug or a miss configuration?

  • You don't have the same issue as that other thread, so I split this into its own thread.

    Your WAN's legitimately going down. Troubleshoot why that is. Losing link on the NIC? Something with an IP conflict? Losing connectivity to your ISP?

  • Thanks for your answer.

    Unfortunately none of these what you mentioned. This was first what I checked. If I configure the gateways with Tier 1 for one gateway and Tier 2 for the other one then it works really stable. There is absolutely no interruption for days now. Neither NIC nor ISP disconnect. If I change back to Tier 1/Tier1 then second gateway will loss 100% packages after a certain time. The cable modem works if I connect it directly.

    I added my routing groups and my fw rules.

    At a temporary solution I route a part of ports to gateway 1 and all others to gateway 2.

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