Smartctl -a /dev/twe0 -d 3ware,0 over pfSense GUI?

  • Is it possible to check the smart status over the pfSense GUI?
    I can not select the HDDs in Diagnostics -> SMART Status

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    • Diagnostics - Command Prompt

    P.S. Use Cron package to schedule short/long tests instead.

  • Ok, that work.
    There is no way to see the state in the SMART Widget, right?

    I need a notification if a disk is dead, like it was yesterday  :-\

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    State of… hmmm, what? The widget uses:

    $dev_state = trim(exec("smartctl -H /dev/$dev | awk -F: '/^SMART overall-health self-assessment test result/ {print $2;exit}

    smartctl -H is notoriously unreliable/useless (not exactly the widget fault).

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