PfBlockerng issues with removing IPv4 lists

  • I have added several IPv4 lists to pfBlockerNG over the past several months.  The problem I am having is that two of the lists, the spamhaus drop and edrop didn't seem to really be blocking anything so I figured I would just remove them.  Upon trying to do that, they stay in the pfblockerng widget no matter what you do.  I have uninstalled the package as well as making sure the check marks were removed as to not keep any settings and when I go to reinstall the package those two block lists instantly show in the widget with 0's for everything even though I never added them back.  I tried adding the lists back again and it adds a second set of spamhaus lists to the widget.  I have also run the reload and cron jobs as part of pfblockerng to no avail. You can see what I am referring to in the attachment.  Any ideas as to how to get rid of these?  I would like to remove all spamhaus lists but now I think if I remove the other set I will have 4 lists in the widget that are not related to anything.

  • Moderator

    Run these commands from the shell to remove the zombie tables:

    pfctl -t pfB_SpamHaus_Drop -T kill
    pfctl -t pfB_SpamHaus_eDrop -T kill

  • Worked perfect!  Thanks for the quick response.  Love pfblockerng, keep up the great work!

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