MultiWAN IPsec looses both connections when ONE wan is removed

  • hi,

    i have two MultiWAN sites.
    There are two tunnels
    Tunnel1: Wan1site1 IPsec/TransportPSK Wan1site2
    Tunnel2: Wan2site2 IPsec/TunnelX509 Wan2site2

    For the over both tunnels i have GRE running and inside i have Quagga OSPF, after having troubles with OpenBGPD.
    When both tunnels are up, everything is ok.
    i see both neighbours
    i get traffic over the prefered GRE tunnel.

    When i disconnect ONE Wan line (does not matter which site),
    BOTH IPSec connections are gone and Quagga looses both neighbours, which is not the estimated behaviour.

    What could be the reason for this?
    Also troubles with StrongSWAN?

    best regards

  • Hi,

    problem found.
    There is Carp running and when a LAN conenction is dropped there was a failover from carp instead of the second line.

    On the second host the IPsec was not configured completly

    best regards

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