• I have found this topic posted here and there throughout m0n0wall and pfsense and still have not found an answer to my question.

    Does pfSense support multiple subnets ?


    Here is my thread for what I was trying to do. The project never went through as I was unable to get multiple subnets working on m0n0wall.

    I did however use the command line and added "iproutes" to where they should go. This temporairly worked until a reboot. Am I missing something to the GUI on Static Routes or would something need to be added.

  • You don't need routes for subnets that are directly connected to the pfSense/m0n0. It'll route between all directly seen subnets directly (unless your firewall rules are preventing this). So your 2 NIC OPT1, OPT2 attempt should have worked.
    Adding a second IP/subnet to an Interface in means of the shell "alias" will be possible in pfSense 1.1. If you want to do this automatically with the commands you already did temporarily have a look at http://faq.pfsense.com/index.php?action=artikel&cat=10&id=38&artlang=en&highlight=hidden and issue your command via the config.xml at bootup. You should be aware that some configurationcchanges in the webgui might reset your interface settings though. Most of the hidden config.xml-options apply to m0n0 as well.

  • thanks figured it was something simple.

    just when i did status.php in m0n0wall all my routing entries went back to loopback and had no direct route. So i thought i had to add them "statically" using the iproute command.