Something Churning On The SD in New Build

  • I have a new APU1D box running really slow.  I've narrowed it down to the SD Card being hit at 100%.  If I do atop -aSHand press "m" for disk activity, I see/sbin/mount -u -r -f -o sync,noatime /running at 100% almost all of the time.  Can anyone tell me where I can figure out what is going on?  Running```
    diskinfo -tv /dev/da0

    Edit:  Updated the mount command.

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    If you're running NanoBSD, then it's probably the "forcesync" bit from here:

    You can mark it so the card is read/write at all times which should help. NanoBSD is already good about not writing to the card, the RO switch is an extra safety belt. Packages may be the only concern.

  • It may be.  I've noticed it happens when I'm saving changes via the GUI.  I just can't imagine there is that much data moving when I click Save.

  • I'd like to update that I've switch the SD card from SanDisk Ultra (rated at 30 MB/s) to SanDisk Extreme (rated at 45 MB/s).  Boot times went from 6.5 minutes to 3.5 minutes.  Hitting save on some of the pages still takes a bit (hitting save on the Squid Filter General Settings Page takes 50 seconds), but not nearly as long.

    I'm not entirely sure of the reasoning, though.  I had thought it was 50% faster throughput but running```
    diskinfo -tv /dev/da0

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