GEOM Mirror Email Alerts

  • I have installed pfSense 2.2.4 and before install I used the option "Setup GEOM Mirror" and then proceeded to install pfSense on the mirror. The mirror is working correctly but it is not sending email alerts or alerting in the alert section of the web gui. I have verified SNMP is setup and working correctly. When I pull one of the raid drives the GEOM Mirror Status shows Degraded and when I insert the drive it shows rebuilding so pfSense does see the status it just doesn't send a notification to the gui or email. I have looked everywhere for a setting but cannot find anything. Per the documentation it should be sending emails "Starting with pfSense 2.2, e-mail alerts will be sent if the status of an array changes.". I also found this "Also included is a notification setup. Mirror status is polled every 60 seconds, and if any aspect of the mirror changes, notifications are issued that alert in the GUI and by SMTP, etc." I waited over 5 minutes before replacing the drive but it still never sent an alert. I would think it should send an alert when the raid is degraded then another alert when its rebuilding and another when it's complete. Has anyone received any alerts for the mirror status?

  • Have you ever figured this out? I'm having the same issue.

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