How to Verify if Shaper is Disabled?

  • Hi guys,

    I recently upgraded my old DSL line (2k down, 0.3k uplink) to a cable line (25Mb/s down, 2.5Mbit/s uplink) and was wondering why the speed did not really increase.

    After loads of digging I figured out the traffice shaper was still set to the old values and therefore limited traffic. I completely removed the shaper and created a new one with the current values but the downlink is still limited.

    When I do a speedtest ( it shows me 100% of uplink speed but still the 2k down as line speed. So it appears the traffic shaper still does some limiting.

    How can I verify (on command line) if the traffic shaper is really completely disabled?


  • sir, I have a dumb question, is it working with its full speed without the pfsense box?

    the only way (for me) is to totally remove "all" the shaper then test [considering I backup the shaper and restore later] and making sure 'states' is also reset and/or with a system reboot.

  • As pfSense is my Internet access router I can obviously not test without it….
    I could test tomorrow when I am in the office but I have to see how I can replace temporarly the pfSense box...

    I removed all the shaper settings from all queues.  How Do I make sure the states are reset?

    Currently I do not want to restart the box as I will losse connection then.



  • under 'diagnostics' -> 'states'

    then there is a 'reset states' tab

  • I did as suggested- even rebooted the pfSense firewall.

    In WebGUI the traffic shaper appears to be disabled- but I have less download than uplink….

    Isn't there a command line tool to verify settings?

  • From the console, run

    pfctl -s queue -v

  • /root: pfctl -a queue -v

    Output is empty. Does this mean it is disabled?

    Just downloading a 100MB file from the pfSense console with fetch:

    ]/root: fetch
    file                                           29% of  100 MB   84 kBps 11m40s

    This is ways to slow!

    I am trying to install a different router now for testing purposes allthough I am pretty sure this is a software issue at the pfSense one…

  • Sorry, I misread the suggestion by KOM.

    Here's the correct output:

    [2.2.4-RELEASE][]/root: pfctl -s queue -v
    No queue in use

    So it appears it is disabled correctly, right?

    Going to do a fresh install and see what happens…

  • If you have no queues then shaping is disabled.  Confirm that you have no Floating rules to direct traffic into any queues.  Your Status - Queues view should also be empty.

  • I installed a pfSense instance from scratch by installing it through CD.iso. (is is virtual and runs on a VMware ESXi, so this is hassle free)

    No configuration except the WAN/ LAN interfaces.

    Same! Download max 2Mb/s- nearly the same as the uplink!

    So I doubt it is a pfSense issue. Could confirm it is not by attaching a Win7 directly to the cable modem- speedtest showed same results.

    So definetly not a pfSense issue.

    Still on searching for the root cause together with the provider's support team.

    Anyways, thanks for the ideas!


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