2.2.4 Install fails.

  • This is my first time installing PFSense on any devices. Unfortunately most if not all the guides I've found/read are on older versions so I can't really follow them.

    I've got the pfsense files on a bootable usb in a HP N40L Microserver, the process boots up alright, I'm able to configure my WAN and LAN without a problem. I get to the list of options, I'll select 99 to install to the 320GB HDD in the system.
    The HDD isn't in the conventional drive slots on these servers, it's using the stat port for the disk drive, but I've had no issues running a windows server using this port. So I don't believe it's the physical server.

    I'll run through the process, I'll select 99 and custom install or quick install have the same results.
    The server returns the message:
    Execution of the command
    /sbin/bsdlable -B -r -w ada0s1 auto
    FAILED with a return code of 1.

    It will also fail every other command if skipped.

    Viewing the log is shows "unable to get correct path for ada0s1 : No such file or directory".

    Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction!
    I'm a windows server person, so my linux troubleshooting knowledge is very limited to "reinstall and try again"


  • sounds like a bad drive/bad hardware. scan for bad sectors. if it checks out do low level format and try again.

  • I found a quirky fix:
    install on a old computer (put a SSD if you prefer).
    Then turn computer off, move that SSD drive into the new computer.
    Turn on and it works !. no weird acpi setting changes.

    Whats weird is
    I can't install on new box and restart,
    I can't install on old box and restart
    I can install on new box, move it to old box, but boot still fails.

    I got this method to work with 30 gb , 64gb, and 120gb hard drives.

  • Banned

    SSD works and some shitty USB stick doesn't? Well, that's really shocking…  ::)

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