FreeBSD if_msk fixes, post 10.2-RELEASE

  • Hi guys :)

    As a long suffering user of the Marvell NIC msk driver, I saw this recently:

    (TL;DR: there have been some fixes for this driver in 10.2-RELEASE and the fix above since then)

    I wonder if this patch could be earmarked for inclusion into an upcoming 10.2 release? I'm happy to test but not confident enough about my knowledge of pfSense special sauce to compile a 10.2-STABLE kernel for my 2.2.4 box. (the docs seem thin on the ground but maybe I missed something)

    Sorry I know drivers aren't really your gig but thought it might be helpful to draw attention to this one, also I'm hoping either the work done in 10.2-RELEASE or this patch here will fix my hangs on high traffic.

    Thanks for all your good work :)

  • @cmb:

    2.3 is 10-STABLE (newer than 10.2). We'll end up skipping 10.2-REL as there are fixes we've done, or need, in -STABLE.

  • That'll be in 2.3.

  • Ahhh I see everything is already in hand ;) Sorry to waste your time, feel free to delete the thread.

    Thanks very much for the quick response - can't wait for 2.3 :)

  • No problem, won't delete the thread as it might help someone in the future.

    If you want to try it sooner than later…well, check back later today.  :D Snapshots will be announced soon.

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