LAN Bandwidth?

  • One question that I've always had but never got a definitive answer to was, what do you actually specify for LAN bandwidth?  My natural thought was to assume it's based on a percentage of your actual WAN upstream, but I've seen examples where others used their LAN line rate.  I'm not sure which is correct.

  • I am so lost right now.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    I put the link speed on qLink (1000Mbit) and the WAN download speed (or close to it) if I'm trying to shape it.  Considering the state of multi-LAN and HFSC, I rarely attempt to shape downloads - and those efforts are largely experimental.

    The key is to only put traffic having something to do with WAN in the slower-speed queues, with everything else going to qLink.

  • I do as Derelict does.

    Assuming LAN is your download, traffic-policing (no queueing) is a better choice. I have seen no research showing that queueing is useful when the node is not a throughput bottle-neck (eg. 100Mbit WAN -> 1Gbit LAN).

    The LAN queue line-rate gets confusing when the wizard's "qLink" queue is employed, but I think that is only useful for multi-LAN setups anyway, so I have always avoided it.

  • Thanks gents.

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