BandwithD missing

  • Hi All,

    I upgraded from 2.1.5-RELEASE to 2.2.4 and service BandwithD is missing.
    Even though, in packages it is still available and I can uninstall it.

    Any ideas?

    ![Screenshot 2015-10-01 00.15.25.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screenshot 2015-10-01 00.15.25.png)
    ![Screenshot 2015-10-01 00.15.25.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screenshot 2015-10-01 00.15.25.png_thumb)

  • Take note of the 'Packages' section:

  • I found this, but didn't get it :(

    Note for Captive Portal RADIUS WISPr Bandwidth Users

    The WISPr RADIUS attributes were incorrectly applied to all versions prior to pfSense 2.0-RELEASE. They were applied as Kbps where WISPr is supposed to be bps, hence those using WISPr attributes will have one one-thousandth of the previous bandwidth unless the RADIUS server is corrected. The RADIUS server will need to have these values updated to bps for proper functionality once the firewall has been upgraded to pfSense 2.0-RELEASE or later.

  • I'd meant the section which states you should ideally remove all packages before doing an upgrade.

  • Oh thanks, I will try remove BandwithD and reinstall it later.

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