Hardware configuration suggestions?

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    I have lucked upon a spare 240GB SSD because of a laptop swap out and could dig up more memory if needed.

    The machine I'm using for pfSense is a Dell PowerEdge 850, Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.40GHz, 2 CPUs: 1 package(s) x 2 core(s).  I like using my old rack mount junk.
    I am using an add in Intel 1GB quad port ethernet card for WAN and LAN (and will eventually use a third port for hanging a Linksys from).

    This system currently has 2 GB of RAM - I can upgrade the memory and/or add the SSD (It's running off software paired SATA drives off motherboard controllers - Gen 1 SATA - at present.)

    Will the memory or the SSD offer any significant improvement?

    Network connection My upstream network is 50 up/ 50 down and speedtest routinely tests around 55-65Mbps from a desktop behind the pfsense.


    Heaviest load is ISO image downloads - although there is a fairly constant inbound video stream (Hulu/Netflix, etc.)

  • With your listed uses, that hardware is tons of power (both network wise and electrically  ;)  )

    Unless you get into RAM intensive packages like Suricata/Snort 2GB will be lots.
    HD vs SSD similarly won't gain you anything unless your package requirements change (even then - not likely).

    If and when you move to 500/500 speeds, you might have to look at more CPU power, but probably not.

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