Chatroulette Black Screen

  • I've been having some problems with chat websites (chatroulette, omegle, chatrandom, etc.) The webcam of the of the stranger is completely black. I've tried different WAN connections provided by the same ISP and the problem only exists on the WAN connected to pfSense. After a little Googling I found that the problem is with my NAT configuration. Problem is, I don't know what ports to forward to fix the problem.

    Any ideas on what ports I need to forward?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    There is nothing special you have to do with nat for that to work..  So I just connected to chatrandom - and while yes thee are lot of black screens.. Some do work - most of them were people playing with themselves, wtf world do you we live in where you want random people to see you playing with your dick???

    But for example here was normal screen that came up..  I had no desire to chat with anyone or anyone to see me this early in the morning so mine was just pointed at the wall.

    There should be no reason you have to do anything special for those types of services to work in pfsense.  I could test your other sites as well, but I have seen enough penises for one morning!!

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