LDAP with Squid

  • Hi

    I've installed Squid and like to setup user authentication by the proxy with LDAP of my Windows 2003 server.
    Who can help me.

  • This isn't currently supported in the squid package.

  • Typically options such as LDAP support that create added dependencies on fairly 'heavyweight' libraries are disabled by default in FreeBSD ports - and are therefore disabled in the FreeBSD package. This is to avoid pulling in a load of unnecessary baggage that many will not use, also there are at least four options for the OpenLDAP client libraries (2.3 or 2.4; in either case with or without SASL).

    The www/squid30 port does have an LDAP option that you can set, but you'll need a FreeBSD box (or virtual machine) to build a suitable package, and you're on your own so far as getting the LDAP features going in pfSense.

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