Can't establish a PPPoE Connection (BT Infinity)

  • I've been trying at this all day and ready to give up but before I do I decided to take to the forums to help me out. I'm currently sitting connected to a public wifi as my network is down.

    I have a customer BT Infinity setup at home and was interested in getting some really nice router software, so I found an old computer and splat pfSense on it.

    I configured it as I needed to, assigned the two Ethernet adapters inside (alc0 being WAN, re0 being LAN) and typed in the PPPoE settings that my ISP requires you to enter.

    However, the connection logs shows that it keeps timing out on each reconnect and the status page shows the WAN as 'disabled' with a small red X beside the adapter name.

    It's enabled in my settings, the connection won't establish an IP address. I got BT to reset my line earlier to see if that would help but it didn't.

    I'm lost, what do I do?

  • Decided to find the model number of my Ethernet adapter, Realtek 8111. PfSense says its unsupported. Well crap. :(

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