Internal routing problem

  • Hi all,
    I have home network with 2 internet connections. One is a 100mbit cable connection that is using a pfsense box to provide firewall services. In addition I have a dsl connection that is used mainly for bridged multicast ip traffic (for iptv). It has a seperate dsl router conected to my lan.

    My dhcp server on the pfsense box is setting the default gateway to itself. But my ISP for the dsl connection allows me to send email from any email address (I got a few domains) so I have set up a static route to the dsl router for my dsl isp's smtp server. If I ssh to my pfsense box and then do a telnet to port 25 on my dsl isp's mail server it sees me coming fro, the dsl routes ip address as expected. if I however try connecting to my dsl smtp server from any of the hosts on the inside the pfsense box sends the traffic out on the cable connection and the dsl isp's smtp server rejects me since I dont come from my dsl ip address.

    How do I set up the pfsense box to redirect traffic to the dsl smtp server to my dsl router?


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