Has anyone done anything like this before (ISCSI over IPSEC VPN)

  • I resently needed to a method for getting faster more reliable backup from a customer site. FTP works and mapping a drive to my server also works but it is too slow.  Almost 2 hours for backup by FTP and Windows copy via a mapped drive.

    I fired up FreeNAS and whipped up a ISCSI connectable Target.  I installed MS ISCSI connector 2.0.7 and connected directly to the ISCSI connection.  My PF-Sense firewall went to 635K in and out instantly.  I could not connect to anything google, ask, i mean nothing would connect.  I was able to copy 1.2 GB in less than 30 minutes and a 250 MB file in less that 10 minutes.

    The performance was stellar with the drive connection.  Both DSL connections are 3 meg down and 512 KB up. 

  • Sounds like you are getting a huge amount of compression on those files. If you zip those same files, what size do they end up as?

  • Use rSync instead of iSCSI, FTP or SAMBA …

    There are rSync client and server for Windows out there. That is fast reliable and it's designed to work over unreliable network. Plus the algorithm of rSync will only send what have changed in your file instead of sending everything back. So your file of 1.5 GB could be backed up in less than 100 KB if only small portion of the file where changed.

    I have several rSync configurer on Windows as server and client and it's working great. Then you schedule a batch file.

    Instead of using IPSec VPN you could use SSH tunnelling again available a client and server for Windows

    Here is the site you should look at: http://itefix.no/cwrsync/

    If your more serious about backup, you should also check Ahsay Online Backup Server. That's what we use at work, we have an offsite server in a datacenter running Ahsay OBS there's about 150 GB of data there backup takes less than 30 minutes each day... Ahsay technology is based on rsync. We have used Storegrid for a year and the backup set got corrupted ... We have switched to Ahsay for that reason.


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