Problem with getting packeges

  • Greetings.
    I've been using pfSense for quite a while on one set of hardware. Recently I've decided to install it on newer hardware. Now on new hardware I can't get packeges list to showup with said messege: Unable to communicate with

    Now, I've looked at usual solutions and tried them, so I'll list what I've done.

    • I'm not using ipv6 at all, so I've turned that option off and, just in case, set pfSense to prefer ipv4 to ipv6
    • Firewall is not blocking anything. Traceroute and ping can reach all servers, including the one, that contains packages
    • In case, that pfSense can't communicate through https I've redacted /etc/inc/ to use http like it said here -
    • I'm using both my ISP's DNS and Google ( to be specific)
    • I've tried using network settings of my old pfSense (I've powered down it before, ofcourse) still no response
    • I've tried resetting all settings to factory default, in case I've messed up somewhere, still it didn't help

    Can someone point out what could I've missed?

  • Not sure if this is relevant, but I had a similar issue with my pfSense unable to check for updates.
    I had to manually upgrade to 2.2.4 to fix it.

  • Gob raises a good point. You haven't specified what version of pfSense you're running. If it's very old, then the package lists may not show up - certainly the updates won't. When you install it on your new hardware, make sure you use an up-to-date version.

  • Thanks for advice, I'll see if it'll work. Thing is 'Update' option isn't showing up too.

    My version is 2.2.1

  • I've fixed it. I don't think, that installing newer version helped, since my old one 2.1.2 was working like a charm. More likely it was hardware problem. Network card, that was designated as LAN was prioritised on hardware level, so all traffic tried to go through LAN. I've just switched IP's on network cards and everything working just fine. To whoever might be looking for similar problem - check if your network adapters assigned right and their priority. Thanks to everyone for help.

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