Hello everyone,

    My setup: pfsense with mutliwan with squid3 and squidguard

    I have two wan connections:

    1) binatone modem with static ip running dhcp for internal lan segment
      2) cisco router with leased line with internal ip

    My pfsense box has three lan cards.

    1) connected to binatone modem. Obtain ip from modem Gateway
      2) connected to cisco router. Static ip Gateway

    My DNS servers  for wan_gw for cisco_gw

    My routing table

    destination  gw

    My firewall rules LAN

    Proto : IPV4
    Destination :

    My firewall rules for CISCOPORt


    My Problem:

    I am able to surf the net without any issue. But when I try to access my dms server through Cisco Router it is not able resolve my host. Even though I have DNS server as set.

    If I do DNS lookup for that host in pfsense box after a very long time it responses with

    Is there any problem with DNS or is there any thing else I am missing. Please help… Its bit urgent.

    Thank you
    with warm regards,

  • Could you please clarify whenever you are relying on other infrastructure components like proxy, pfSense DNS etc?

  • LAYER 8

    Hello Everyone

    I solved the issue by changing the order of my DNS server. I made as primary DNS  and as secondary DNS server for all my dhcp clients.

    Thanks for all the effort.

    with regards,