Help with webfiltering; what to use?

  • I’m new to the world of PFsense and it looks like a wonderful tool, but I am having an extreme amount of difficulty with the different web-filtering packages and I just was wondering if anyone had a coherent or concise manual or guide to configuring a PFsense box that effectively uses DansGaurdian or SquidGaurd.

    My objective was to be able to have a web filtering device that is between another firewall and a switch essentially I am successful in passing traffic between the end firewall and the switch but not able to filter the traffic.

    Squidgaurd was successfully installed on my machine and I had it working as a transparent filter with Squid as the proxy server. The only problem I had with it was that it would sporadically not block a website. My boss insists on me using PFsense and won’t back down or pay a single dime for any UTM firewall so I need to figure this out.

    He wants me to use Dansgaurdian. It sounds like it is a little more complex but also more desirable. But I cannot find a guide that is cogent enough to follow. Mostly just an endless supply of threads with contradictory information and none of them make sense enough for me to follow to completion.

  • If all you want is an URL filter, Squidguard is a lot easier than Dans.  If you need more robust content filtering, then Dans is what you would use.  The Squid situation is a little unclear at the moment.  The packages are in a state of flux as they are being cleaned up to some degree.  Check the Cache/Proxy forum for more information.

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