Pfsense wont boot with LAN chip (rt8111e) enabled

  • Hello, total newbie here.

    I'm trying to get pfsense running on some via nano hardware. While booting from memstick, it would hang at:

    IPsec: Initialized Security Association Processing.

    boot -v revealed:

    hpt27xx: no controller detected.
    hptrr:no controller detected.
    hptnr: no controller detected.

    So after some fiddling, I found that disabling the LAN chip in BIOS would allow the boot to continue. I proceeded to install to a 60gb sandisk SSD.

    With the LAN chip disabled, I can now get to the VLAN setup screen booting from the SSD. Obviously I can't set it up with the controller turned off.

    I enabled the LAN controller and now I'm back to the same IPsec hang. Also, oddly, now my usb keyboard doesn't respond when booting from the SSD so I can't boot -v anymore and verify the hpt27xx, hptrr, and hptnr (works once booted, but doesn't before boot regardless of LAN controller state).

    I plan on using a dual intel nic card but wanted to get to know pfsense some more while I wait on fedEx. Anyone have any idea why the LAN controller is giving me trouble?

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