PfSense 2.2.4 + Dell PE R300

  • I have a  SAS 6I/R SAS raid controller but have issues when installing to hard drive.  From what I can gather I could use (mrsas).  How would one accomplish this during a live CD install?

    If the  SAS 6I/R SAS is a no go would there be another Dell controller that would work?

    Or as a last result I may just install Ubuntu + Virtual box and run a virtual PF install…

    Any thoughts?

    thank you

  • put esxi on the r300 if baremetal doesn't work

  • What raid have you built with the current card ?  It will not expose any drives until they are in some type of raid.  Even  a single drive raid 0 will  work to get the drive exposed.

    the Perc5 from a pe 2950/1950  model will work and is comparable with that hardware.  You may need a new sas cable for the backplane.

  • ended up using a Perc5 controller instead of the 6..  works ok now

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