Bridging causes system freeze

  • Hello all.

    We're trying to setup an embedded PFsense 1.2-RC3  as a bridging firewall, but we're running into some serious problems.

    When attempting to set the LAN interface to bridge with the WAN (different public IP addresses in same subnet set, read about tidentical IP being set hat possibly causes issues) when we hit Save, the services just completely freeze (web admin, ssh, etc). However upon hooking the box up to a display we discovered that it is still responsive and not displaying and error message or kernel panics.

    Stranger still, the LAN page shows the LAN interace as being set to Bridge with Wan, however the machine responds to pings and access on both interfaces so it is clearly not running in bridging mode.

    If anyone's had any experience with this sort of thing we'd appreciate all the help we can get we need to get this running ASAP.

    Thank you.

  • It maybe won't fix the issue - but why are you using an obsolete Release Candidate? 1.2-RELEASE is available on the mirrors. There is one reason I can think of to start with RC3, which is if you have a system that won't boot with the uniprocessor kernel in 1.2-RC4 or 1.2-RELEASE, but you can still install 1.2-RC3 then upgrade to 1.2-RELEASE with the SMP kernel selected in that case.

    It would certainly make sense to clear the configuration and start again. If that doesn't work, and the box is still responding to the console, select bridging again then reboot. Does it work then?

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