Does pfSense branded hardware get lifetime OS upgrades?

  • … or at least as long as the hardware requirements can handle it?  I assume if pfSense goes quantum while I'm still alive I'd probably need the new SG-2220q model but until then.

    I understand there's a 1-year support warranty for creating tickets but I didn't know if the optimized pfSense OS build for the equipment gets continual updates or if that stops after a year because I can't find that in the


  • You can actually download them without a contract, you just need the Netgate ADI RCC-VE image if you bought the appliance from pfSense.

    Go to:

    Select the install for the latest stable.
    Select Netgate ADI from the drop list.

  • Not the same thing.  The builds provided by pfSense are designed with the hardware they sell in mind.  Tweaked a bit more because they support the hardware.

  • I wasn't aware there were additional tweaks to the ADI image.

    Assuming the worst case scenario, you'd have to keep the last image available and use the in-place upgrade from the WebGUI.

  • There is no specific end date of OS upgrades, it's not tied to your support. At some point it'll no longer meet hardware requirements, but that's a ways down the road.

  • Thanks!  I kinda had that vibe.  Just wanted to check

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