• I installed PFSense on an old Dell I had knocking about, but its a large precision and I think somewhat overkill. So I have got a much smaller PC I want to install on.

    How would I manage this? I get that I can save the config, but so far as I can tell I need the new PC on the current network in order to install the config, will that lead to a melt down of my network with two routers with the same IP etc?

  • ???

    Backup config.xml from old server
    Install pfSense on new server while it is disconnected from your network
    Import config.xml backup from old server into new server & reboot
    Unplug old server network cables, plug in new server network cables

    Your downtime should be measured in seconds if everything goes right.

  • Sorry bit confused there, I presume therefore I can upload the config without having to use the GUI? Does this mean the dreaded command line?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Install on replacement node and do a quick default config, plug into LAN, get dhcp, log into gui, upload old config.

    The only gotcha is interface reassignment.  Automatic might or might not work for you in your situation.  If not, just edit the config.xml in a text editor replacing the old interface names with the correct new ones before you upload it.

    Worst case the whole project should take about 10 minutes.

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  • Thanks for that link, I think I can handle that!