Script to Check if OpenVPN is Up or Down

  • I am wanting to make a script that periodically checks it see if my OpenVPN client is up or down. What command can I issue from an SSH session that will tell me if the VPN client is Up or Down?

  • go into the developer shell once and create a script:

    pfSense shell: record checkopenvpn_status 
    Recording of checkopenvpn_status started.
    pfSense shell: require_once("");
    pfSense shell: $clients = openvpn_get_active_clients();
    pfSense shell: print_r(array_values($clients));
    pfSense shell: stoprecording 
    Recording stopped.

    then either do from devshell

    playback checkopenvpn_status

    or from normal shell or console:

    [2.3-ALPHA][root@pfsense.xxxx]/root: pfSsh.php playback checkopenvpn_status
    Starting the pfSense developer shell....
        [0] => Array
                [port] => 
                [name] => vpn to xxxx
                [vpnid] => 1
                [mgmt] => client1
                [status] => up
                [connect_time] => Sat Oct 3 1:49:14 2015
                [virtual_addr] => xxxx
                [remote_host] => xxxxx
                [bytes_recv] => 151003156
                [bytes_sent] => 151211004

    adjust however you want offcourse.

    relevant functions:


    for more insight:

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