IPSEC manual failover adding an extra box

  • After unsuccesfully trying to setup IPSEC tunnels on OPT interfaces, I decided for a quick fix: just setting up an extra pfsense box for having IPSEC tunnels.
    This is my setup:
    Main location:
    pfsense1 at 192.x.x.1:  WAN(ISP1) and WAN2(ISP2) , IPSEC tunnels to remote location through WAN. Default gateway for LAN

    pfsense2 at 192.x.x.1: WAN(ISP2), IPSEC tunnels to remote location are brought up manually when ISP1 goes down, bringing IPSEC connections on pfsense to a halt. This is an alternative gateway for LAN

    I created the tunnels, added static routes on pfsense1, allowed traffic through firewall rules. Nevertheless , when I connect through IPSEC to pfsense2 , I cannot ping to other hosts on the LAN, even if I put routing rules on the default gateway pointing to the remote network accessed through pfsense2 tunnel.

    Any ideas on how to setup routing rules properly?

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