DHCP6 on multiple interfaces wrong server mac

  • Hi,

    i have pfsense 2.2.4 with 2 LAN NICs(re0 and re1)
    re1 is not used itself but has two VLANS re1_5 and re1_15

    re0 MAC: 00:13:3b:0f:XX:97
    re1 MAC: 00:13:3b:0f:XX:98

    IP Adresses:

    re0_dhcpRange: 2001:4dd0:xxxx:0000:dead:beef::1000 - 2001:4dd0:xxxx:0000:dead:beef::2000

    re1_5_dhcpRange: 2001:4dd0:xxxx:4000:dead:beef::1000 - 2001:4dd0:xxxx:4000:dead:beef::2000
    re1_15_dhcpRange: 2001:4dd0:xxxx:8000:dead:beef::1000 - 2001:4dd0:xxxx:8000:dead:beef::2000

    the clients on re0 get a ipv6 address and can reach internet - no problems.

    the clients on re1 get ipv6 addreses(through managed switch etc.. (ipv4 works with no problems…))
    BUT: they have no route and nothing.
    i checked with wireshark and i noticed that the dhcpv6 announce packet has the wrong mac adress in server identification. it shows the mac of re0 insted of re1.

    Do you have any ideas IF this is my problem and how to solve this?

    Thanks in advance,

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