PPTP on a virtual machine

  • Hi,

    I just switched from IPCOP to pfSense. With IPCop i was able to initiate PPTP connections from my host OS, and from my VirtualPC OS without a problem. Now, with pfSense, i am unable to complete a connection from the virtual machine (either VirtualPC or VMware). it goes through everything, then fails at 'verifying user name and password'.
    i've seen that happen before in hotels where they're probably blocking ports.
    is there a way to fix it? why was it not happening with IPCOP?


  • Read the PPTP limitations on the Features page on www.pfsense.org.

    It's being worked on in 1.3 right now, it looks like you will be able to connect multiple machines to the same external PPTP server by the time 1.3 is final. For now you can't, you can with other VPN protocols like IPsec, OpenVPN, L2TP, etc.

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