Plss help to set up PPOE server on pf sense using WLAN

  • guys can you help to set up a PPOE server with step by step im using a WLAN.thanks

  • hi, i work for italian wisp and  i use pppoe for autenticate residential client ( bridge 5 ghz + ap 2.4 ghz with pppoe username and password inside…) and captive portal for pubblic user who come from bar, beach ecc...
    for set up autentication with ppope :

    1 enable pppoe
    2 set dhcp on him interfaces
    3 insert subnet example for pppoe client an ip of pppoe  server example
    4 try with local autentication
    5 prepAre a pppoe connection in one client pc.

    the procedure who we use is this:

    client enable wlan card ---> get info from dhcp ----> cannot navigate couse capitive portal ---> lunch pppoe connection ---> get internet access ...


  • for first enable dhcp on lan  interfaces.

    this connect this interface on switch.

    take a win dows pc and  configure its  lan interface for obtein ip from dhcp. create new connection ( start–connetc to--- create  new connection -- internet connection--manual connection-- dsl connection (you can watch now the pppoe connection... : ))--- isp connection name 'test' --- username  'test'---password 'test' ---done. 
    now you have a client who ask for pppoe connection.

    after this you have client and server  for configure the server is easy:
    insert subnet example for pppoe client an ip of pppoe  server example
    click on tab local autentication and add client 'test' 'test'.

    now all pc who receive dhcp from pfsense  ( wireless + cable) can navigate after lunch pppoe connection... undestend?

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