Xeon or Atom for vpn+proxy.

  • Hi.

    I have a plan to move one if our connection under p2p to VPN with pfsense 2.2.x.

    We want to receive 60 users to reach our email server from other site over openvpn.

    With a link 10Mb symmetric.

    I will run:

    openvpn to receive maximum 70 users for email.
    locally I will run squid for 15 users, this won't bother me.
    bind for my dns.
    This will be site-A.

    My site-B is a xeon supermicro machine is the openvpn main-site and working.

    I have never use before any atom, I seen the product from pfsense store SG-4860 1U.

    Does that hw can handle my network plan or better to move to xeon?

    Of course will be ssd drive.

    Any comments welcome, thanks.

  • I have never use before any atom, I seen the product from pfsense store SG-4860 1U.

    The appliance is well chosen, but at these days nothing beats an Intel Xeon CPU, both, the E31276v3 or
    E31286v3 are really beasts that can handle all things you could set up. But, and this is also really urgent
    today is the power saving part and there for the SG appliances from the pfSense store are really hard but
    also power saving units.

  • Thanks for your comment.

    Honestly is not urgent, this must be in production in 2 months, them I have time for research.

    Saving energy is a good point here.

    I would mark that atom box, I hope to receive comments and recommendations like yours.

    Thanks BlueKobold.

  • @periko
    There is also one stage between the Atom and the Xeon E3 class, its new but powerful enough to
    handle right many tasks and services, its the Intel Xeon D-1540 platform available from the pfSense
    store as the XG-1540 unit or in three different versions of the board sold by Supermicro, so you can
    chose the right board thats fitting your needs.

  • Is monster that hw, I will try the atom, reading and reading looks like will be capable to manage my plan.
    Thanks BlueKobold for your comments.

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