Migrate Watchguard config to pfSense

  • We just purchased a pfSense C2758 with 4 port expansion card pre-loaded with pfSense 2.2.4. Currently we are using a Watchguard X750e running Fireware 11.3.5. Both systems use XML files to backup and restore configurations. Is there a utility available to convert the Watchguard configuration to pfSense? The configuration is quite extensive and it sure would be nice not to have to hand key it into the new firewall. I've searched on these forums and on Google but I haven't found anything yet. I find it hard to believe I'm the first person to have this question!

  • There isn't a way to automatically convert it. We've done it by hand a number of times, with partial automation where the config was large or complex enough to justify it. If you have more money than time, we could take the conversion off your hands via professional services.

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    If you have more money than time…

    That depends on how much money we're talking about  8)

    We have a moderately complicated configuration. We're using all 8 ports of the WG - 3 WAN interfaces, 3 DMZ interfaces and 2 Trusted. One WAN is a /24 and 2 are /26. They are NATed 1-to-1 to the DMZs. VPN is set up on one WAN. We are allowing in HTTP/S and SMTP, with FTP allowed in on one IP address only.

    I sent an email for a quote to Professional Services. How long does it generally take them to reply?

  • Depends on how big of a config it is. George should get back to you on Monday, probably will want to setup a quick Webex to review what you have in place now to put together a scope of work and cost.

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