[SOLVED] Stuck on ldconfig after reboot

  • Dear all,

    I am experiencing a huge issue that is causing the impossibility to run pfsense.

    After an update of the IPlists in pfblockerNG Pfsense Webgui went stuck. So I decided to reboot it and after that it doesn't start anymore.
    It stays stuck on:

    Filesystems are clean, continuing...
    Mounting filesystems...
    Disabling APM on /dev/ad4
     ___/ f \
    / p \___/ Sense
    \___/   \
    Welcome to pfSense 2.2.4-RELEASE  ...
    No core dumps found.
    Creating symlinks......ELF ldconfig path: /lib /usr/lib /usr/lib/compat /usr/local/lib
    32-bit compatibility ldconfig path: /usr/lib32

    It never goes after that point and the CPU goes very high temp. I am running PfSense on APU MB from Pcengines with a 32GB SSD.

    Any idea about what is the problem and how I can fix it?


  • I am not sure about what happened but seems that the config.xml file became not manageable anymore and PfSense got stuck on reboot.
    I had to restore an old config.xml and clean the config backup directory from all files were there.
    I am assuming that pfblocker lists I use started blocking too many hosts and the config file became too big. Do you think this can be indeed the root cause?


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