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  • Quan Thu Duc duoc thanh lap ngay 1/4/1997, tren co so tach ra tu huyen Thu Duc cu. Trai qua 20 nam xay dung va phat trien, den nay co cau kinh te quan chuyen dich dung dinh huong, phat trien nhanh theo huong tang dau tu, phat trien nganh thuong mai, dich vu, phu hop voi the manh cua mot quan o cua ngo Dong Bac cua TPHCM. Tang truong kinh te cua Thu Duc binh quan dat 11,5%/nam, thu ngan sach lien tuc tang, hien nay Thu Duc la mot trong 11 quan huyen cua TP co muc thu ngan sach cao tren 2.000 ty dong /nam, co so ha tang ky thuat duoc tap trung dau tu phat trien nhanh va dong bo…

    Cung voi nhung thanh tuu ve phat trien kinh te - xa hoi, Dang bo, chinh quyen va nhan dan quan Thu Duc luon phat huy tinh than doan ket, dam nghi, dam lam, dam chiu trach nhiem, no luc vuot qua kho khan, thach thuc, thuc hien tot phong trao thi dua yeu nuoc, tu do da phat huy duoc moi nguon luc rong rai trong cac tang lop xa hoi, trong nhan dan, gop phan hoan thanh dat, vuot chi tieu nghi quyet ve phat trien kinh te - xa hoi, dam bao cong tac quoc phong va an ninh. Huy dong tiem nang, nguon luc, the manh cua cac tang lop nhan dan gop phan tich cuc vao viec thuc hien thang loi nhiem vu phat trien kinh te - xa hoi nam 2017; Tap trung tao dieu kien cho san xuat kinh doanh phat trien; Dam bao an sinh xa hoi va cac phuc loi xa hoi, cham lo doi song nhan dan, giu vung on dinh chinh tri, an toan xa hoi va bao dam quoc phong - an ninh.

    Dong thoi, quan tiep tuc thuc hien cong tac cai cach hanh chinh, lay viec cong khai, minh bach don gian thu tuc hanh chinh va bo tri can bo, cong chuc. Cung voi do, tap trung xay dung Dang va kien toan he thong chinh tri trong sach, vung manh de du suc lanh dao thuc hien cac nhiem vu, muc tieu ma nghi quyet de ra. Trong do, tap trung thuc hien co hieu qua nghi quyet Hoi nghi Trung uong 4 khoa XII ve tang cuong xay dung, chinh don Dang, ngan chan, day lui su suy thoai ve tu tuong chinh tri, dao duc loi song, nhung bieu hien “tu dien bien”, "tu chuyen hoa".

    I. Dich Vu Lap Camera Thu Duc.

    Voi mot so dieu kien de phat trien doi song. Quan Thu Duc da tro thanh dia diem den dau tu cho nhieu doanh nghiep lon trong khu vuc. Tinh hinh an ninh quan Thu Duc tro nen phuc tap hon. Cong ty vien thong chung toi da trien khai dich vu lap dat camera thu duc  de phuc vu cho quy khach hang noi nay. Voi su phat trien nhu hien nay cua cong nghe.

    Lap dat camera quan thu duc tai Tphcm tro nen don gian voi nguoi dung boi chi phi khong cao so voi nhu cau can thiet, nhung mang lai hieu qua cao. lắp đặt camera gò vấp , lap dat camera quan sat hien la nguoi ban dong hanh than thuoc cho phan lon gia dinh va nguoi quan ly trong cong viec kinh doanh cua minh vi su tien loi khi quan sat o moi luc moi noi. Hien nay, viec lap dat camera ngay cang pho bien hon, la nhu cau khong the thieu trong moi truong xa hoi hien nay.

    Viec trang bi he thong camera giup cho khach hang chu dong trong viec giam sat gia dinh, nhan vien trong cong ty, nhan vien o cua hang,…..thông qua hệ thống lắp đặt camera quan sát khi khong co mat o nha, o cong ty, o van phong thong qua chiec dien thoai Smartphone, Laptop,…co the xem va giam sat bat cu o noi dau.

    II. Lap Dat Camera Quan Thu Duc.

    Ngay nay, trong cac khu cong nghiep, khu che xuat thi viec trang bi, lap dat camera quan sat la nhu cau rat can thiet cho cac cong ty, giup cho viec lắp đặt camera bình dương , camera sẽ giúp giam sat cong nhan lam viec, cung nhu giam sat nhung kho hang, giam sat cong y trach khoi nhung that thoat khong can thiet va giup phat hien kip thoi nhung doi tuong xau hay an cap vat do dac cua cong ty.

    Do do viec lap dat camera giup cho cong viec quan ly that de dang, chinh xac va hieu qua. Ben canh do, viec trang bi lắp đặt camera hồ chí minh, lap dat camera quan sat giup ban giam doc, bo phan quan ly theo doi day chuyen san xuat cho nao hoat dong tot, cho nao khong tot de kip thoi dua ra nhung phuong an xu ly kip thoi sua chua khac phuc nhanh nhat de dam bao tien do cong viec duoc tot nhanh khong lam anh huong den tien do san xuat.

    Khi cung cap cac dich vu ve lap dat camera va cac thiet bi an ninh khac, cong ty chung toi luon tuan thu nhung quy dinh nghiem ngat nhat ve dam bao an ninh cho cac co so cua khach hang. Do la trach nhiem va cung la nghia vu cua chung toi luon lam nhung gi tot nhat de phuc vu cho loi ich cua khach hang. Voi tieu chi loi ich cua khach hang cung la loi ich cua minh. Cong ty chung toi luon co gang het minh voi phuong cham chu dao khach hang la nguoi mang den thanh cong. De dang ky lap dat camera tan binh, lap dat camera Thu Duc khach hang co the goi ve duong day nong 0971.620.836

  • They all have 300$ + routers that doesn’t have pfSense features.

    Then better to go and set up a MIPS fork of pfSense instead of the ARM line, as I see it right.
    MIPS and MIPSBE would be bringing us up to use some of the MikroTik Routers line and on
    top and more urgent for me and myself, able to use the UBNT EdgeRouter Series!
    So six different router models from the UBNT Edge series could be run pfSense
    and they are all 100% better then any ARM based RaspBerry, Orange Berry or Banana PI ever will be.

    This is why I think that an ARM based pfSense needs to be developed.

    Could be but from the time line a MIPS and MIPSBE fork would be more urgent as the
    ARM Port.

    Do you agree or disagree with me?

    Both! If the MIPS & MIPSBE port or fork will be first coming I will be surely and fairly
    with you, but only an ARM port or fork I would be more  saying no.

    EdgeRouter x ~55 €
    EdgeRouterx SFP ~70 €
    EdgeRouter light~99 €
    EdgeRouter PoE ~190 €
    EdgeRouter ER8 ~335 €
    EdgeRouter Pro ~360 €

    MikroTik RB435G
    MikroTik RB450G
    MikroTik RB493G

    So this can be 9 different models that can be used and this are long time running models
    that would be bringing pfSense to many peoples likes they need it, from 5 Ports to 8 Ports.

  • is it possible to install pfsense on the above listed devices? i have a IT company i started just about half a year ago and often i have costumers with the most poor routers from internet providers. im looking for the most cheap way to get them to run pfsense because it just works and is stable. the catch is that thy often look for the most cheap solution… my goal is to fiend a system that is cheaper then a router... around 50/100 euro somewhere... i do still have some older systems i can sell but im going to runn out on those so i do need to fiend a solution for a new system that can run it.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Currently pfSense supports only X86 (32 and 64bit) hardware. There are no immediate plans to support anything else. Sorry.


  • is it possible to install pfsense on the above listed devices?

    No this was only a example of devices that should be first supported over the ARM devices that were called
    here in this thread and only based on my poor opinion.

    i have a IT company i started just about half a year ago and often i have costumers with the most poor routers from internet providers.

    This routers often are sucking really well, because they are coming mostly beside with many problems
    or unsolved situations that leave their users or customers alone in the dark.

    im looking for the most cheap way to get them to run pfsense because it just works and is stable. the catch is that thy often look for the most cheap solution…

    Going this way would be making your customers only turning around and buy twice. But iis right that many peoples are only have a look to the cheapest thing to get their hands on.

    my goal is to fiend a system that is cheaper then a router… around 50/100 euro somewhere...

    Then you might have a look on DD-WRT or OpenWRT to come closer to the point to reach your goals.

    Or you might be buying older and refurbished Watchguard and Nokia IPxxx firewalls that can be sorted with
    pfSense right and they will be also cheap to get on eBay or elsewhere.

    i do still have some older systems i can sell but im going to runn out on those so i do need to fiend a solution for a new system that can run it.

    The by me named above hardware is also not all cheap to get, but more professional then the most
    ARM based devices I thought.

  • Thanks for the reply… im not someone that places a system that might not be stable in the long run... so i do test and let run for a bit before i think about giving it as a solution to a customer... about 50% of them i can get to spend a bit more if i say that it will be cheaper in the long run because the cheep stuff breaks or just isnt stable and thus not solving there problems... but for the other 50% i was looking for a way to fiend another way thats not to expansive so thy also will buy it... for example... im hoping something like this will work: http://tweakers.net/pricewatch/448979/ecs-liva-x-2g-32g/specificaties/ i know the site is in dutch but system specs and component names should be around the same as English... it should be readable... its around the price of a bit better router so for price it should be reasonable to advice...the question is will it run on thes... i think it would, i just dont have the money to buy one just to test it... and when it wont work have it lying around with no good reason...

    DD-WRT isnt a option because there isnt a seperate router... the internet provider delivers a modem-router combo that sadly cant be places in bridge mode so the idea was to work with vlans and a seperete computer behind it to pick up the signel and from there have all computers connect... the router bit that is in the modem just is so shit it cant even handle 10+ computers and still "work" properly... internet randomly isnt available and lots of other shit...

  • If you need a good pfSense platform for cheap but sufficient to handle much load and run the most of
    the packets I would have a closer look to Axiomtek NA-342 and NA-361 you can call the sales
    department directly and they offers you a price and send it from Taiwan directly to you.

  • While FreeBSD, on which pfSense is based, does have some community projects to get it working on ARM and MIPS based platforms, it is no where near ready for production use, this is, of course, precluding any work required to port custom pfSense code over to a different platform.

    I agree that MIPS would make more interesting target given the large number of inexpensive devices, yet ARM support seems to be further advanced, perhaps by the simple fact of the existence of the Raspberry Pi and its maker community.

    One problem that I see in targeting inexpensive devices, is that often times, these devices have hardware problems that are loosely patched around in the OEM's shoddy code, making it very challenging for developers.

    @sajansen; nice box, but no Ethernet ports!

  • I agree that MIPS would make more interesting target given the large number of inexpensive devices,

    Lets say it will be more interesting for consumers that will get a box that is like more a router
    or firewall device and is also sorted with more than one LAN port, as the RAPIs are owning.

  • @awebster:

    @sajansen; nice box, but no Ethernet ports!

    it does have gigabit ethernet: LAN Realtek RTL8111G Gigabit Fast Ethernet Controller its just not a intel and im not shure it has support… apart from that it should be good enough to run pfsense.

  • Let me say as someone who has immersed myself in the past 2 months in all things 'ARM', you are missing nothing. These "maker" board are nothing more than a fascination with something other than Intel. I have not seen one board yet that i said-Gee would it run pfSense?, and thats coming from a guy who puts pfSense on everything. I have an AIO 22" with pfSense running ap mode. All kind of dumb things. But outside of the Gateworks Ventana boards I see no reason to waste your money. Gateworks cost $500 so my romance ended there quickly. Why pay more than Intel for something slower?


  • There is one board that looked promising, but I looked at it skeptically, the BananaPi R1 board. It seems to have nice features but they are just cosmetic. I saw a post about its performance and it was crap. The pci-e controller is not right and it cannot come close to obtaining gigabyte speeds on even one interface. Broadcom LAN chip implementation is not good. Elsewhere I read the SATA port is hosed and you have to mod the board to provide proper juice to it. Maybe just a physical disk issue, not SSD.


    Maybe Banana Pi R2 will fix stuff and we can have a $80 pfSense box.
    I need to speak to them Pi Boys about changing that WLAN to Atheros!!!
    Realtek 8192 onboard the R1. Will do Linux hostapd. Still junk.

  • Banana Pi, Raspberry Pi, etc. these are not junk. They were developed with the intention of promoting the teaching of basic computer science in schools and developing countries.
    These pieces of hardware must be thus as cheap as possible, performance and quality is not their main goal, but the chance to achieve as many young students as possible.

    Running pfSense on a Pi can be a great challenge for a student. But trying to make bussiness out of it is not only stupid, but also morally questionable.

  • Well I agree that they are great tools for learning..
    I have not seen one yet suited to network usage. What they call gigabit ethernet on Arm is not what I would call acceptable for firewall usage. Maybe one day it will mature.
    Regarding hardware I think there are too many players in the field muddying up the waters. Poor developers have to chase 6 month board design lifecycles. How many Raspberry Pi's are there? How many different CPU's? Can you imagine the bus nightmare compared to the development of the PC Bus which matured over decades.

  • @Phishfry; thanks for that perspective on the ARM situation.  It is, as I suspected, mostly hype. 
    Personally, I would never lay out money on hardware that has Broadcom or Realtek controllers wired or wireless, both of these are an invitation to problems.
    CPU I'm less picky about, as long as it can deliver the performance required to move data through the box.

    The cost of making any hardware can only be lowered in huge quantities; any outfit that thinks they can make a <$100 router can only get there by gambling and making many tens of thousands of units, and using crappy cheap silicon in the hopes that the money they make from the sale of GEN.1 devices allows them to work on GEN.2, and completely abandon the users who bought GEN.1, and so on.
    In the end consumer electronics will never satisfy the technocrat, purist, sysadm, whatever you want to call us, because you get what you pay for, and we really want to have our cake and eat it too! :D

  • because you get what you pay for,

    Ok but then please have a look on this equipment here and go with them it is 100% fully running
    pfSense and it is also cheap, but no crap. Oine is for the living room and one is for the rack.
    Link 1
    Link 2

  • You can see for yourself what kind of performance you get over here.

    Number listed there resemble what I am seeing as well.

    Odroid best of the bunch at 400mb/sec for a gigabit line.

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