Traffic shaping not good enough… reserve WAN bandwidth for an interface?

  • Is there a way to reserved a certain amount of WAN bandwidth for a single interface?

    So we've tried using the Asterisk profile for traffic shaping, and also tried using firewall aliases for traffic shaping for our VoIP systems. Neither is working well enough when we're maxing out our T1 upload and download between internet traffic and automated backups.

    All of our VoIP systems are on a separate network and interface from everything else connected to the pfSense box. So, 3 network cards, 1 for WAN, 1 for LAN, and 1 for VoIP.

    Is there a way to reserve 200kb of upload/download always for the VoIP interface?

  • Search the forum you will find lot of info.

  • Thanks, I searched but I couldn't find any solid answers.

    There are a few threads, but half the threads require tinkering with patches or SSH changes, and half the people in all of the threads are saying it doesn't work.

    Is there a simple way to do this from the pfSense web GUI?

    I'd be interested in looking at your traffic shaping patch too Ermal, and paying for it. Except you still havn't gotten back to me and told me how much I need to contribute before I get access. IS $50 enough?

  • For the VoIP shaping.
    1- You should know that 1.2 does not do multiple interfaces.
    2- If you have activated shaping for the Voip interface and WAN than the changes in 3 would make it better.
    3- Change the output of the wizard in 1.2 to have realtime priority only on the qVoIP* queues and not on the others. Increase its realtime parameter to the desired value. Usually number of phones * average of 25Kb per phone should give you a nice result for the realtime parameter or just use a % parameter in there.

    This should get you up and running perfectly.

    As for the shaper contribution there is no stated minimum though i think people should get reasonable cause 1$ does not mean much! Though that is a contribution still.


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