Puzzled - Internet access

  • Hi all.

    I am having a very strange issue, which I can't get my head around so I am looking to see if anyone has seen something like this before.

    I have no internet access from inside the network, I can't get to google from a browser or ping google from a workstation smd prompt (100% lost packets)
    I can, however access the firewall remotely - by loging in through the web gui at my url - furthermore, when accessing the network I can see that all clients are registered with valid ip addresses etc.

    Can anyone advise of any diagnostice I can run (remotely as I am 200 miles away) or if they have seen anything like this issue?



  • I can also ping google from the router diagnostics page…

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  • from pfSense GUI, did you:

    • check that WAN is up
    • try diag tools and check pfSense can access internet
    • look at logs in case packets are dropped or rejected

  • Diagnosis so far…

    I can ping from the default source with no packet loss

    I can ping from the WAN source with no packet loss

    I can't ping from the LAN source - 100% packet loss.

    I believe this indicates an outbound firewall rule issue, which I have set up as:
    Automatic Outbound NAT rule generation

    WAN &  *    *    500    WAN address    *    Yes
    WAN &  *    *    *        WAN address    *    No

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