VPN overview not working properly

  • Good Morning

    Since a few day I been having trouble with the IPSEC overview diag_ipsec.php
    When I try to open it, it either takes ages to load (Can take up to 5 Min) or it doesn't load at all.
    Towards that I had the issue, that all VPNs would crash (currently 38 in total) after a few minutes.

    First it was the issue that the kern.ipc.nmbclusters was to small. I raised it to 1.000.000 and since then I had no more issues with this.
    The VPN crashes seem to have ceaset since I reinstalled pfsense over itself.
    But the trouble with the overview is still a problem

    The only thing I can find are these logs

    Oct 13 08:51:39 fw php-fpm[31282]: /diag_ipsec.php: XML error: Mismatched tag at line 2 in /tmp/smp_status.xml
    Oct 13 10:01:33 fw php-fpm[19611]: /diag_ipsec.php: Error during reading of status from IPsec

    and a crash report

    PHP Errors:
    [13-Oct-2015 09:07:05 Europe/Zurich] PHP Fatal error:  Maximum execution time of 900 seconds exceeded in /etc/inc/xmlparse.inc on line 84

    Filename: /var/crash/minfree

    I'm running PFSence on an Alix APU 1D4 with PFsense 2.2.4
    Addons I only have pfblockerng, which I uninstalled to test, but no results.

    Any advice what to do next?



    Just saw that I can't even stop the IPSEC service. When I press Stop, it says it's been stoped and carries on and the VPNs won't start either

    Logs from IPSEC are justed flooded with

    charon: 03[KNL] creating rekey job for CHILD_SA ESP/0x24a4dad5/83xxxx
    Oct 13 10:33:12 charon: 03[KNL] creating rekey job for CHILD_SA ESP/0x5c1c4cc5/8xxxx
    Oct 13 10:33:12 charon: 03[KNL] creating delete job for CHILD_SA ESP/0xd7aaa1e0/83.xxx

  • Seems to be linked to this problem


    I've updated to the latest 2.2.5 Version today.

    Report back how I goes


    Seems to have done the charm.
    Issue that I have left, is that the SAD tab is flooded with entries. Most of them coming from the same IP.

    Is there a way to manualy clear all of them?

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