LAN bridge changing local DHCP ip range

  • Because I didn't really think it well through with VPN I would like to change my local ip range from 192.168.1.x to 192.168.50.x However I run in a LAN bridge where every PC is connected.

    I do have local access to the CLI if needed but if possible I would like to do it from the webgui.

    Currently the LAN bridge has the static IP of (this should off course go to
    and the DHCP is to which should go to the 50 range but I see the subnet can't be changed from to
    LAN Bridge does have anti lockout rule.

    So my general question how should I approach this

  • Normally you just change the static IP of the LAN interface.
    Once that's done the DHCP server will serve up addresses in the subnet defined by the LAN interface.

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