Connect 2 lan subnet

  • hi to all, first i wanna tell you guys that networking is not really my expertise and i have a limited knowledge for this. so please bear with me.
    i set up my pfsense to have a 4 different interfaces, the two interface is for WAN which i set up for load balancing and is perfectly working right now, and the other 2 interface is for LAN,
    the first LAN ip is while the other one is
    so now here's my question, how do i connect the two different lan to see each other? for example, i want to connect the 1st computer with an ip of to access the files of
    i am having trouble understanding how the static routing works. so please help me. thank you.

  • If pfSense is the default gateway for both LANs there is no need to set static route.
    Just add appropriate Firewall rules to permit the wished access.

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