Force XMLRPC Sync???

  • I need to replace some IPv4 address mappings once a day (done by script implementing changes in /cf/conf/config.xml). Afterwards I delete the /tmp/config.cache file and restart the DHCP-service. Everything is working as needed at our master firewall.

    But these changes to our DHCP aren't replicated to our secondary firewall (using CARP/pfsync/XMLRPC Sync). If I manually enter the webinterface of the master firewall and press some "Save" button related to the DHCP server settings, the changes are passed on to the secondary firewall. So the sync is working…

    How can I force this XMLRPC Sync (primarily related to DHCP server settings). I need some way of pressing the above mentioned "Save" button from a script.

    NB: I need a working solution before monday (the 19th of october). I can duplicate the changes done to config.xml at our secondary firewall, and thereby force the same changes at both machines. That's just giving up on the XMLRPC Sync system. But I will have to do this on sunday to have a working solution by monday.

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