SIP to fritzbox outside remote tunnel

  • Hello guys!

    I'm trying to set up a sip client at site A to connect to a fritzbox located at site B but outside the pfsense network at site b. Pfsense boxes at both sites and the tunnel is an ikev2 tunnel.

    SIP client on PC –--- pfsense A ===== TUNNEL ===== pfsense B ----- fritzbox (connected at WAN port to the pfsense box)

    Connecting the client to the fritzbox works and i can also access other devices in the fritzbox subnet via the tunnel but when I make phone calls, the recipient can hear me fine but I don't hear anything.

    I tried to do a basic siproxd setup on pfsense B and using the proxy works but still no sound on my end. After unblocking the common ports 5060, 7078 and 7079 on the rules: wan tab, the firewall shows no more blockings in the system log menu. This is the rule:
    IPv4 UDP FB_SIP_ports * * * none

    Do you have a suggestion?

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