Quality latency issues

  • What could cause these latency issues? Rebooting pf corrects it for a short  period. Thanks for looking guys

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    Have you confirmed that it's a real problem (as opposed to just having BS values recorded in graphs?)

  • I guess next time it occurs i could ping the gateway. I would hope its not bs being recorded by the graphs though, that would defeat the purpose of having graphs.

  • Unfortunately, apinger is well known to drop into a state where it reports (wildly) incorrect latency. Instead of rebooting, you can just restart the apinger service, which will correct it for a time. A number of people have cron entries that restart apinger on a regular basis. Others simply turn it off.

    If you are serious about tracking latency, then you currently need to use something other than apinger. There are a few latency monitors available, including one I wrote, dpinger.

  • Thanks guys. I had used smokeping for years set up on a raspberry pi, but i just gave it away to someone to use as a media center. Im going to get a raspberry pi 2 here soon. I will then demote my other pi to smokeping duty.

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