Beaglbone Post

  • Got my Beaglebone online with FreeBSD and the Dillo browser under openbox. Tried out some RaLink USB adapters and found an 2T2R version that is run0 interface…RT5592...Wifi on the bone...MC7700 up next..PPP working just need antennas.

  • now its only a matter of some fancy gitsynching and a little bit of kernel hacking and a little bit of crosscompiling and you'll have pfSense running on it :):)

    so you'll post a working build within an hour or so ?

  • Been a steep learning curve for me. Most of all its been a great learning experience. I hope to write some software for it -but first I needed to put it through its paces. See what it is capable of running.

    I still need to compile a kernel on for it with debugging off to see what I am missing. All the data from -current can be confusing.

    So far the closest to pfSense running on for me is:

    Let me correct this:
    I plan on using Crochet for compiling a refined -CURRENT kernel.

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