IPSec service dies when SWAP is filled/recovered

  • Hi all!!
    I was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing the following:

    First of all I'm running a SG-2440 with 4GB memory and a 30GB SSD.
    Every so often I see that the SWAP file is getting full and when it is full and goes to clean itself up (I'm assuming) it knocks out the IPSec service; thus, disconnecting 8 satellite office locations.

    I've combed the forum and did my best via Google; but, I cannot find anyone with a similar challenge.

    Greets from The Netherlands!!

  • Thanks stemond - that sure looks to be the culprit.

    Could it be as simple as extending the rekey times or configure a daily restart via cron until this issue has been resolved?

    It takes a couple to a few days before we're in the same full SWAP boat.
    A daily restart (this does do my heart pain) is a band-aid but better than it fainting in the middle of the day.

    Greetz and Thanx for the heads up!


  • I have the same issue, rebooting once a day seems to be the only decent fix for now  :-\

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