Modem Hang

  • Hi,

    I have 8Mbps broadband connection with ADSL modem connected to my WAN interface of my pfsense PC. I have around 20 Pcs on the LAN side.

    I can get a good internet speed for first couple of minutes and the speed decreases and get in to a worst situation.

    Please tell me if there is any traffic control method so that the modem buffer will not fill out.

  • Unless your problem is being caused by a saturated ink, traffic shaping will not help you here.

  • If any of those 20 PCs are running P2P file sharing applications, that could be the source of your slowdown, in which case traffic shaping will help.
    Also remember that the ADSL connections are asymmetric, and upload speed will be around 640Kbps.  If the outbound side is saturated, even simple things like DNS requests aren't going to get out quickly, leading to a perceived slowness.


  • Banned

    If the modem literally hangs (like, requiring a power off/on), you'd better look for

    • fixed firmware
    • HW that's not broken

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