Help with Random Reboots

  • Hey Guys,

    I have been getting random reboots starting recently, like the last month.  Prior to that it was working flawlessly for 4+ months.  I am unable to narrow down the exact cause.  I have reinstalled fresh and currently I am using no packages except the autoconfigbackup.  Can someone please give me a quick look over my crash report and see if anything stands out?



    Crash Report Link:

  • as i read it, it appears to be a filesystem issue. (or atleast something close to it)

    this is what i've found:

    Subject: Re: FreeBSD 10 panic with "ffs_valloc: dup alloc"

    On 23.11.2014 22:59, Lev Serebryakov wrote:

    Filesystem in question is clean after panic reboot (!) SU and
    "native" journal are used. Memory check is Ok. System is amd64,
    r269936. What could I add to this information to help track & fix
    this bug?
      Ok, I could reproduce it. It is triggered by "svnsync" of FreeBSD
    "base" repository. 3 times in a row.

    // Lev Serebryakov AKA Black Lion

    I don't know what you mean by "native" journal. Is this SUJ or is
    it the journal GEOM layer?

    In either case, you should take the system down to single user.
    Run fsck over the filesystem in question. It will most likely
    find something wrong and fix it. After that the problem will be
    gone. The problem with any type of journalling is that if a
    filesystem error creeps in either because of a write error or
    a lying disk (e.g., it says that it did the write, but in fact
    the write was lost when the power failed), then the journal does
    not know about the error and the only way to fix it is to run a
    full filesystem check.

    Kirk McKusick

  • Awesome, thanks for the pointer.

    I was just installed memtest on a USB drive to run tonight.  If that checked out, my next plan was to do a secure erase of the ssd drive and rebuild my partition, reinstall, and restore from backup.

    Thanks for the response.

  • I agree with heper - the stack trace is indicative of a filesystem problem.

  • Hi,

    in your dump i see there is a igb multi card
    Have you tuned it like written in the

    Maybe that  is your problem.

    regards max

  • Max,

    Yes I have tuned the igb card per the recommendations.  I did not have time this weekend to secure erase my drive.  I will let you know if doing that fixes my problems.



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