PfSense Box for VPN 100Mbps speed or better?

  • It is possible to connect to a VPN provider's services (e.g. using OpenVPN either running on a computer or through a router that can operate as an OpenVPN client.

    I would like to connect to a VPN provider using the router as an OpenVPN client.

    The issue that arises is what kind of router box to buy or build?
    If building, which does appeal, I would like to have a fast powerful but compact box that can do VPN at 100Mbps or better.

    What kind of hardware configuration would do that?

    Is it possible to use an SSD for the pfSense software and for the system to be fast and have plenty of memory e.g. DDR3?
    I guess fanless won't be possible?

  • The SG-2220 or SG-2440 units available from the pfSense store would be both sufficient for
    that as I see it right.

    For a more moderate budget it would be also a really big win for you if you are in the USA
    regarding to the transportation fee and customs fee on top, if you have a closer look on this
    devices here.  Jetway Intel 5 Port ready to go box

    it would be also sufficient for a really long time without the hassle to move once and once more again
    pending on the installed packets and services or the gaining and needed Internet connection speed.

  • FWIW fanless is possible with reasonably fast cpus (intels up to 45W TDP) if you custom build. Not cheap but pretty fast.

    I put together a pair of thin-itx routers a few years back with a i3-3220T and an E3 1265Lv2, the fanless case is only rated to 35W "industrial" but the 45W xeon has been just fine with indoor ambient air temps. The i3 system ran me almost $500 total, the xeon was a 'spare' and built 'just because' ;) should be a bit cheaper now. You now can choose haswell/skylake i3s which are even better. Motherboard selection is the hardest part, most of the dual port thin-itx models have stupid realtek nics.

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