Huawei LTE usb stick non hilink (partial working)

  • Hi
    i have a Huawei LTE USB stick E3272 for wan and it works with my modified mpd.script.
    The stick generate a usb network device on pfsense that is useable for wan.
    a opt1 is required for the ppp serial part of the stick (act as a modem but w/o a link)
    After link is up i can press renew on wan and get a working link.

    Here are some problems:
    A removed stick & reboot -> pfsense hangs on config interfaces –> a pseudo "if" and then when the ppp is running (and finding the usb network adapter) a automatic change would be nice.

    the ppp is trying to restart the ppp connection because it see no connection ->how to change this to check only  and if the modem is saying there is a link up go to sleep ??
    After link is up a dhcp renew for the wan "if" is required.
    If the link is down a release of the wan ip and a reconnect is required.

    Here is my modified script (just remove txt) it's for huawei ncm sticks curriently for the model : E3272 (hardcoded in script )

    Maybe someone can share his/her expirience how to deal with this new sticks.

    BR max

  • So back again,

    was able to set the modem in working network mod with just simple commands (no PPP any more!!)

    stty -f /dev/cuaU1.init -icanon -isig -echo -echoe echok echoke echoctl -icrnl -ixany -imaxbel ignpar -opost -onlcr -oxtabs cs8 -parenb -hupcl clocal speed 115200
    printf "AT\r\n" > /dev/cuaU1
    printf "AT\r\n" > /dev/cuaU1
    printf "ATZ\r\n" > /dev/cuaU1
    printf "ATV1\r\n" > /dev/cuaU1
    printf "ATE1\r\n" > /dev/cuaU1
    printf "ATTS0=0\r\n" > /dev/cuaU1
    printf 'AT^NDISDUP=1,1,""\r\n' > /dev/cuaU1

    After typing this  press renew Wan in GUI  and IF is up.
    No ppp is required for that usb stick (called NCM proto).
    Now i will test it with mixture of stuff written here:,17243.msg89348.html#msg89348

  • Did you get this working in all situations? What happens when the network connection fails? Does the WAN interface go down or does pfSense still think it's connected? Does it reconnect automatically or must you send the AT commands again? If so, have you automated the reconnection?

    It is also possible to enable legacy PPP mode for this model:

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